#13 - A Nova Era Dos Microserviços

Posted on Thursday, May 24, 2018
Olá mundo =)

Neste episódio do Sudocast, Pery Lemke, Igor Leroy e Daniel “InfoSlack” Romero batem um papo sobre Microserviços, que é uma arquitetura de sistemas que está sendo muito adotada no mercado hoje em dia.

Descubra neste podcast, os 7 passos para quebrar seu monolito em serviços, que realmente não existe bala de prata e que não se deve deixar levar pelo hype.

Introdução: Space Chicken & the Eggs of Disaster - Reality Check

Edição e Sonorização: Johnny Duluti


Daniel Romero

Daniel Romero

I’m a developer, technical writer, speaker and currently SRE.

I started my career as sysadmin, I worked several years configuring and maintaining bare-metal Linux servers. I’ve also closely followed the arrival of virtualization in servers and later the process of containerization.

During this journey I acquired new skills that gave me the opportunity to work as a software engineer with PHP, Java and Ruby. In addition I worked for a few years with pentest focused on web application security.

Over the years I’ve kept myself updated and embraced the DevOps culture, working later with Ansible, Docker and Kubernetes. Currently I work as SRE which my main responsabilities are writing Golang system projects to keep the production Kubernetes clusters running.

Besides being confortable with AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. I have also skills with cloud performance and Linux Kernel.